7 Delicious Indonesian Cuisine for Iftar

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast for one full month every day from dawn to dusk, abstaining from eating and drinking, smoking, or engaging in other activities that would invalidate the fast. During this month, Muslims are expected to avoid bad thoughts and behavior.

In addition to being attached to the effort to restrain lust, the month of Ramadan is also synonymous with a variety of unique and appetizing foods. In Indonesia itself, breaking the fast usually begins with sweet food or drinks.takjil), such as compote and dates, then followed by a heavy meal or main menu.

Many Indonesian specialties and drinks are suitable to be a menu for the month of Ramadan. Collaborate with Wego, Atourin will discuss 7 delicious Indonesian culinary menus for breaking the fast:

1. Ice Cucumber Suri

Suri cucumber fruit which is the basic ingredient of this drink is shaped like a melon and contains a lot of fruit juice. It is usually served with coconut and pandan syrup, or honey. In some areas in Indonesia, people often mix it with palm sugar syrup or sweetened condensed milk, then sprinkled with a little lime juice to add a fresh sour taste. Even though it’s originally from Cirebon in West Java, Ice Timun Suri drinks are also widely sold along the streets in Jakarta during the fasting month. This drink is very fresh and delicious to drink to break the fast.

2. Bongko Kopyor

This traditional snack is one of the typical culinary delights of Gresik. Bongko Kopyor is made from wheat flour, sliced ​​banana, coconut meat, coconut milk, jackfruit, and slices of bread. All wrapped in banana leaves. Not only delicious, Bongko Kopyor is believed to be able to restore energy after a day of fasting. This sweet treat is a special menu that generally you can only find during the month of Ramadan.

3. Champion Porridge

Kampiun porridge is one of the typical Minangkabau culinary delights, precisely from the Bukittinggi area, West Sumatra. Porridge This sweet and soft taste consists of marrow porridge, sweet potato compote, banana, candil, pomegranate porridge, and black sticky rice. Just hearing it is already appetizing, isn’t it? The distinctive taste makes the champion porridge favored by many people, not only the Minangkabau people. The champagne porridge, which is sweet and quite filling, is of course also very suitable as an iftar dish!

4. Sticky Rice

Bintul sticky rice is a culinary from Banten in the form of a delicious rectangular sticky rice with a sprinkling of coconut serundeng and added slices of meat and stew. The savory and delicious taste makes this snack a favorite for the people of Banten to break their fast. It is said that this food has existed since the days of the Banten kingdom still standing, you know.

5. Ice Cendol

Well, if this one can be said to be still brothers with compote. Cendol is a typical drink that is often found on the island of Java. Made from rice flour and served with coconut milk and brown sugar, cendol is often sought after as an iftar menu. It will be more delicious if this green food is mixed with ice shavings. The colder, the fresher!

Atourin friends can also make cendol at home by mixing rice flour and tapioca flour, then cooking it with boiling water and molded into an elongated shape. It’s easy, isn’t it?

6. Barongko Cake

Barongko cake is one of the typical Bugis foods made from processed bananas which is very suitable to be used as a snack for breaking the fast. Barongko itself is a mandatory cake that must always be served during big events in South Sulawesi. Not only for banquets, Barongko is also delicious as an iftar menu. This banana preparation is really ready to make you addicted.

7. Lumpia Semarang

Lumpia is one of Semarang’s specialties made from bamboo shoots, eggs, stuffed with chicken or shrimp wrapped in spring roll skin. When breaking the fast, generally there must be fried food. Well, Lumpia Semarang can be your choice for Atourin because it tastes very tasty and delicious.

Well Friend Atourin, here are 7 Indonesian specialties that are suitable for breaking the fast. In the month of Ramadan, of course there will be moments of gathering with family, don’t forget to prepare interesting and fun activities to perfect the moment of family gathering. Of course, these 7 dishes can be an idea for a family gathering.


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