How To Get Money From Bitly. Really Can?

Recently someone asked this handsome admin, “Bro, can you really use Bitly to get money?” Lha, I just found out. After investigating, it turned out that someone wrote an article on how to get money from Bitly. Duh, reading the article can only laugh. Maybe the one who made it didn’t try it first, so I don’t know how […]

7 Most Beautiful Curugs in Sentul for the Weekend

Travel outdoor be one of the activities traveling many people’s favorite during the pandemic. In addition to being safer because of outdoor activities, tourism outdoor can also provide an experience of exploring the outdoors that cannot be found in a big city like Jakarta. Outdoor tourism that we will discuss this time is a waterfall or waterfall tour. Even though […]

Preparing a Cool Road Trip During a Pandemic

Time To Read : 6 minutes (Sacred Varajuba Amalia) The conditions for traveling by public transportation have become more stringent during this pandemic. But of course that doesn’t quell the spirit of traveling, Buddy Atourin, right? If you want to find alternative travel to do traveling, road trip or road trips can be an option. Usually road trip themselves use […]

Important Role of Logistics Companies in Indonesia during the Pandemic

Logistics company in Indonesia played an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world over the past year. Apart from helping to distribute daily necessities, the good performance of logistics companies also played a big role in the increasing trend of online shopping during the pandemic. Admittedly, the emergence of a pandemic that lasts a long time […]

Mie Gomak with Spicy Flavor

Time To Read : 6 minutes (Shanta Moyra Tambunan) Hi Friends Atourin, Indonesia has many regions and various tribes where all of them have their own unique culinary. Culinary originating from each region must have a distinctive taste and different delicacy. Likewise with North Sumatra which has many delicious and unique culinary delights, one of which is the main icon, […]

Peek at the Enchantment of Toba Batak Culture in Tomok Village

Batak Traditional Tortor Dance. Photo: Maulana Image/ Indonesia has cultural diversity which is the basis of people’s lives. Culture is always upheld so that it creates a reflection of the distinctive character of a tribe. Local wisdom inherited from ancestors is a treasure that must be protected and preserved. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency in 2020, Indonesia […]

Winner of the Itinerary Compilation Competition

On Tuesday, March 30, 2021, the judging of the competition to compose the itinerary with the theme “Inspiration from the Village” hosted by PT. Archipelago Technology Atourin in collaboration with Ministry of Village PDTT RI taking place on the Zoom video conferencing application with the jury: Samsul Widodo, Expert Staff for Kemendes PDTT Benarivo Triadi Putra, CEO Atourin Fitri Utami […]

Typical Culinary of Kuningan, West Java

Time to read : 6 minutes (Sheila Harviana Maretha) Hello, Atourin Friends! This time, Atourin wants to invite you to visit an area in West Java. For those of you who like to climb mountains, this area must be familiar because the highest mountain in West Java, Mount Ciremai, is located in this area. Yup, Brass. Kuningan is a district […]

Attractive Chat With Emha Guide

Time to Read: 8 minutes (Shella Efelinna Rudiyanto) Hello, Atourin Friends! Being in the world of tourism, of course you have heard of or even used the services tour guide or tour leader. As is tour guide or tour leader In this case, your tour is not just walking around, playing while enjoying the atmosphere, but also hearing and getting […]

A Sweet and Savory Snack of Bamboo Putu Cake

Time To Read : 3 minutes (Chess Widya Lestari) Friends Atourin certainly know, our country is very rich in culture, ethnicity, tourism, and culinary. This time, we want to invite all of you to get to know one of the typical Indonesian culinary delights that tastes sweet. This food is loved by the community as a delicious snack. The culinary […]