Major events in Indonesia (March-July 2019)

Hello Atourin Explorer! See you again, surely you can’t wait right? For this article, we will discuss about existing event what are you going to do from March to July? Actually there are many event great fun too, we just will just bereview the best of events the Also Read:]-jaman-dulu-sama-sekarang-mending-yang-mana/ Bali Spirit Festival, Bali (24-31 March 2019) The Bali […]

Tourist destinations that are suitable for children

Hello Atourin Explorer! At the beginning of the year, it is synonymous with a fairly long holiday. For those of you who have a family, you definitely want to take your child on vacation right? In order to be able to enjoy a fairly long vacation time, here Atourin will provide recommendations for tourist destinations that are suitable for children […]

most instagramable country

Hello Atourin Explorer! How are you all? Atourin this time will discuss about the most countries instagramable in this world. For you, the millennial generation, you will often hearstalking public figure your idols and take their really cool photos. Atourin has a full review. Also Read:]-jaman-dulu-sama-sekarang-mending-yang-mana/ France It is one of the countries in Europe that surely you already […]

Try the following 4 millennial destinations

Hello Atourin Explorer! For this time we will give you review exciting about vacation spots for you millennial generation, especially in Indonesia. In Indonesia, there are lots of exciting and cool vacation spots from various regions in our country. Atourin has several reviews below Also Read:]-jaman-dulu-sama-sekarang-mending-yang-mana/ Image Source: pixabay This island in East Kalimantan is Indonesia’s leading marine tourism […]

You MUST visit this 4 tour in Bogor

Hello Atourin Explorer! Bogor, a rainy city with thousands of beauties, this cool city has developed into a tourist area with a number of charms. Not only the Puncak area which is worth a visit, there are still dozens of tourist attractions in Bogor that are no less interesting. Here Atourin summarizes some of the places you must visit while […]

Enchantment of Bau Nyale – February

The charm of Bau Nyale is core event cultural activities on the south coast of Lombok Island to be precise on the beaches of Kuta, Seger and Aan in Central Lombok. Bau Nyale is a natural occurrence that is immortalized in the legend of the wise Princess Mandalika, which was fought over and wanted to be edited by several crown […]

Sting Island Festival – February

The Penyengat Island Festival is an activity that has been held in one of the leading destinations in Tanjungpinang City which has been going on since 2016. The competitions are: Panggak Gasing Competition, Jong Competition, Sampan Paddle Competition, Sail Sampan Competition, Ducks Slow Competition, Pillow Smashing Competition, Competition Reply to Pantun, Syarhil Gurindam Competition, Carnaval Fashion, Berzanzi Competition, Painting and […]

Cap Go Meh – February

This Chinese-based tourism event is one of the mainstays in bringing foreign tourists to West Kalimantan. In 2017, 26 ambassadors from various countries were recorded to come to see the Cp Go Meh festival. This event is held regularly every year, to be precise the 15th (fifteenth) day after the Chinese New Year celebrations. Hundreds of tatung / loya parade […]

Halal Travel Destinations in Indonesia

Hello Atourin Explorer! This time we will discuss several destinations in Indonesia that have prioritized halal tourism and are well known to the international scene. 1. Lombok Source: Google Lombok Island was nominated as the World Best Halal Tourism Destination. Lombok is used as a tourist spot because of its green nature and beautiful blue sea. Then Lombok is dubbed […]

4 Tips to become a Professional Photographer

Hi Atourin Explorer! You must have seen it before feeds Instagram public figure the photos are so cool? For you traveler who want to go on vacation and want to know how to get good photos feeds your instagram. Atourine has several tips & trickya! Also Read: Tip 1: Find the right momentum You will definitely like seeing beautiful […]