How to Setup FTP Server on FreeBSD

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol in charge of serving file transfers between local computers and servers. By default an FTP server or FTP daemon is available on the FreeBSD base system, the system administrator just needs to activate and run the ftpd service. Activate ftpd Open file /etc/rc.conf with a text editor, here I use nano. # nano […]

How to Install PHP 7.1/7.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

In the official Ubuntu 16.04 repository, the PHP version available is PHP 7.0. In some cases we want to replace it or upgrade with PHP 7.1/7.2 because the PHP application being developed requires that version. For example in the framework Laravel 5.6 minimum use PHP 7.1.3. If you have previously installed PHP 7.0, remove it first. sudo apt-get remove php […]

VPS Install Service

Linux VPS is a Virtual Private Server with a Linux-based operating system (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu). MusaAmin.Web.ID provides server application installation and configuration services for Linux VPS. The available packages are: LAMP SERVER PACKAGE Apache MariaDB PHP SSL Let’s Encrypt Automatic Backup Cost: IDR 500,000,- LEMP SERVER PACKAGE (POPULAR) Nginx MariaDB PHP SSL Let’s Encrypt Automatic Backup Cost: IDR 500,000,- FLSK/DJANGO […]

Linux System Administrator Course

MusaAmin.Web.ID opens Linux System Administrator Course with the target participants of prospective Linux Sysadmins or Web Developers who want to learn to deploy PHP-based web applications on Linux VPS (Ubuntu Server LTS). Class Building a Web Server on a Linux VPS Theory How to Access VPS Time Zone Setting Connecting Domain with VPS File Transfer to VPS LAMP Web Server […]

How to Create Swap Files on Linux

In general swap created in the Linux partition. But what if the Linux system that is running does not have a swap partition like on a Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server), only the / (root) partition is available. The solution is to make swap files. The image below is a display of the command free -h. Visible Swap total value […]

How to Install Composer on Ubuntu

Composer is a dependency manager tool for PHP. A developer can declare the required libraries in a PHP application project which will then be installed and updated by Composer without having to be downloaded one by one. Install Composer sudo apt-get install curl php-cli php-mbstring git unzip curl –sS | php sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer 1 2 3 sudo […]

Linux Lite, Ubuntu-Based Lightweight Linux Distro

Linux Lite, one of the Linux distributions based on Ubuntu LTS which is specifically designed to run on computers with hardware specifications as-is. Testing on VirtualBox, Linux Lite is in standby, consuming 300MB of RAM. Linux Lite 3.6 is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS using the XFCE desktop environment known as DE with minimal RAM usage. In addition to the […]

How to Install PHP 7 on CentOS 7

On CentOS 7 the PHP version available in the default repository is PHP 5.4. For the installation of PHP 7 we have to add another repository. PHP 7 packages available in the repository Webtactic, IUS, or Remi. In this tutorial, we use the Remi repository. yum info php command. Seen PHP version 5.4.16. [[email protected] ~]# yum list php Loaded plugins: […]

How to Install Moodle on Ubuntu

Moodle is an open source application for web-based e-learning. Moodle has been widely implemented in various schools and universities in Indonesia. This Moodle installation tutorial uses: Ubuntu 16.04 Apache MySQL 5 PHP 7.0 Install LAMP server sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-client mysql-server php7.0 libapache2-mod-php7.0 php7.0-pspell php7.0-curl php7.0-gd php7.0-intl php7.0 -mysql php7.0-xml php7.0-xmlrpc php7.0-ldap php7.0-zip php7.0-soap php7.0-mbstring 1 […]

How to Install OJS (Open Journal Systems) on Ubuntu

OJS (Open Journal Systems) is a web-based application that is used for the management and publication of scientific journals with a free software license (GNU GPL). OJS has been widely implemented by universities in Indonesia. 0. Device used This tutorial uses: OS: Ubuntu 20.04 Web Server: Apache 2.4 PHP Runtime: PHP 7.4 Database: MariaDB 10.3 Subdomain: SSL: Let’s Encrypt […]