Flip Review: Free Bank Transfer Fee Biaya

Since 2017 Indonesia has begun to be busy with startups in the field of financial technology (fintech/financial technology). Previously, GO-JEK, which was a transportation and courier technology, adopted fintech with its GO-PAY product. I myself have also started using fintech products, namely: Flip which serves as an intermediary for interbank transfers at no cost. Flip Start Flip started with the […]

Hostinger Indonesia Web Hosting Review

Since 2016, I have heard of web hosting providers penyedia Hostinger Indonesia, be it from friends who have used it or from web programmers in the Facebook web programming group. But have never used the services of Hostinger. This is the first time there is an opportunity to try the product/service for yourself and provide a review on Hostinger Indonesia’s […]

How to Set Private Nameserver

Private Nameserver is a feature of the domain name where we can use its own subdomain as a nameserver. So when doing whois the domain name that appears on the nameserver is no longer the nameserver of the hosting provider, for example ns1.webhosting.com but ns1.mydomain.com. I practice this tutorial using a domain name that is registered at the rumahweb.com domain […]

How to Download YouTube Video Subtitles

Previously I had written a tutorial on how to download YouTube videos but there was still a drawback, namely that the subtitles were not downloaded. How to download YouTube video subtitles is also similar to how to download YouTube videos, namely by using an online tool. How to download YouTube video subtitles can be done using a service from the […]

How to Download YouTube Videos Without a Browser Plugin

I prefer how to download YouTube videos without using a browser plugin because the more plugins running in the browser, the more RAM or memory is used. In addition, if we use another computer to download YouTube videos, the plugin is not necessarily available. For how to download YouTube videos without a browser plugin, we can use the online downloader […]

[Plesk] How to Change PHP Version

The PHP version used is very influential on the PHP applications that we build because each version has functions that are added and some are omitted. For example, in developing applications on a local server (localhost), we use a different version from web hosting so that sometimes errors occur or even no text appears when the application is already on […]

How to Point a Domain to a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

1. Login to Domain settings, here I use a free domain from Freenom. 2. Create a record Type=A, Name=domainname.com, Target=IP_Address_VPS 3. Create a record Type=CNAME, Name=www, Target=domainname.com Changes in nameservers or DNS records take a maximum of 2×24 hours. good luck Support this blog by donating via Trakteer.id, PayPal, or Jenius Pay $musaamine. Related Posts: Qwords Web Hosting Review Free […]

Free Domain Names from Freenom

A domain name is needed by a website to make it easier to remember than using an IP address to access the website. Popular top-level domains (TLDs) are generally paid for such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, and .INFO. However, there are also TLDs available free to use, namely .TK, .ML, .GA, .CF and .GQ. We can get this free domain […]

[Linux] Corebird Twitter Client Application

Corebird is a Twitter client application for the Linux desktop. The available menus are Home, Mentions, Favorites, Direct Messages, Lists, Filters, and Search. Corbird also supports multiple accounts. This installation tutorial uses the Ubuntu distro by adding the PPA repository. For other Linux distros (Arch, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE) read the tutorial here or installation from source code available at GitHub. […]

How to Configure Send email as in Gmail

In the previous article, How to Set Forwarding in Gmail, we can receive all emails from all email accounts that we have, just by opening one email, this time we can send emails with several choices of email addresses that we have. For example, when logging in [email protected] also want to be able to send with another email address like […]