Increase Domain Authority Like BOS

AUTHORITY DOMAIN – If the website is human. And you ask what they want. The answer is that they want people to visit them more often. Every website wants to be seen the most, heard the loudest, and is the answer to people’s needs. Yes .. your website, is the incarnation of your mind. Your dreams, desires, hopes, goals and […]

On-Page SEO Optimization Steps With Pillar/Foundation Content

Before talking in depth about the On-Page SEO optimization steps with pillar/foundation content. It’s good, you understand what Pillar/foundation Content is. Because this is an advanced material. For that, you can read the article; What is Cornerstone Content? Exploring great and extraordinary material; about this On-Page SEO optimization step, I will answer some common questions. Which is usually asked regarding […]

What is cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content is the cornerstone content. Or commonly referred to as pillar content. This is very important for optimization of On-Page SEO strategy. When you are on this page, then keep reading, we will discuss in depth. What is it about cornerstone content? Through this article, you will know, why it is important for SEO, how to write this kind […]

How to make SEO strategies to increase website traffic?

How to make SEO strategy is a simple question. However, the answer will be long and without a word of certainty. Including if you ask the SEO Expert even once. In essence, throughout the history of the internet; SEO techniques are all about predicting how search engine algorithms work. Nobody really knows, except for the algorithms themselves. But unfortunately, it […]

7 Ways to Verify Sites on Google Search Console

Before Google can start letting you control your site, view analytics, inspect URLs, or submit site maps, you need to be verified. Why and how to verify site in Google Search Console? Google wants to make sure that you are the owner and have authority over the related site. Yes… Basically, site verification is about proving that you really are […]

How to Determine SEO Article Keywords

The idea of ​​SEO itself, starting from keywords. It is about how users find content in a website through search engines. How to determine the relevant keywords in the content will be decisive. So that what you create, has the potential to be found when there is a search on the internet. How to create the right keywords is a […]

What is Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm?

What is Hummingbird’s algorithm? Maybe you already know that Google has several algorithms in its search engine. One of them is the Hummingbird algorithm. This algorithm plays an important role in sorting or sorting various information displayed in search results (SERP). So, when you are trying to find something on the internet, then Hummingbird will play a role in finding […]

Get to know the Google Pirate Algorithm & 3 Important Facts to Know

For those of you who have been in the SEO world for a long time, you definitely know that Google has many algorithms, one of which is the Google Pirate algorithm. Google is always trying to provide the best for its search engine visitors. For this reason, the latest algorithms or updates to existing algorithms are always present. So give […]

New rules for creating Google Backlinks

SEO, is a series of techniques so that a website that is created can be on the best pages of search engines. Google, is currently the standard and target for digital marketing. In building SEO, there are many stages that must be done. Among them are, create a website with a good structure. Meets all the elements, which may become […]