Giving Password to LibreOffice Documents

Password To Open File When the file wants to be saved check the option “Save with password” To change the password, File->Properties->General, click “Change Password”. good luck via Support this blog by donating via, PayPal, or Jenius Pay $musaamine. Related Posts: Entering Quranic Verses in LibreOffice Writer How to Install Remote Desktop Server on Debian 9 Server How […]

[WordPress] Redirect Error 404 to Custom Page

A 404 error appears if we access a web page that doesn’t exist, maybe because the url doesn’t exist or is written incorrectly. In WordPress the Error 404 message has its own appearance according to the theme used. But there are times when we want to change it or redirect it to another page. For example, in this blog, if […]

Vi, Text Editor on Linux

Vi/Vim (Vi Improved) is a text editor available on all Linux distributions. Unlike Nano, on some Linux distributions it is not immediately available and you have to install it first if you want to use it. If you want to become a Linux-based system administrator, the Vi text editor must be used. In addition, Vi is also widely used as […]

Easy File Transfer on LAN with Dukto

Dukto is an application designed to facilitate the transfer of files between computers on a LAN network. Dukto is a free open source licensed application and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora) operating systems. Computer users who are new to using Linux distributions usually find it difficult to transfer files where they have to install and configure […]

Password Management Using KeePassX

Many accounts with different passwords? Hard to remember one by one? Maybe a password management application can help you save username and password data. The app I recently used was KeepPassX. Passwords recorded in text files are not well organized and easy for others to read. By using the KeePassX application the password data is stored in a database which […]

Linux Screenshot with Shutter

The default screenshot application on Linux distros is incomplete, it can only take a view of the entire screen, application window, or a certain area with selection. Gnome Screenshot With Shutter, the existing features were added to the feature that can take a menu view and is equipped with a standard editor such as to add text, shapes, or lines. […]

Verses, Quran Applications from King Saudi University

Ayat is a digital Al Quran application created by King Saudi University. The features are the same as Zekr, subtitles are available in multiple languages ​​and audio. And in my opinion the main thing is that it is cross platform, it can run on various operating systems. Available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. The verse was created using […]

How To Find Website Software With Wappalyzer

The thing I usually do to find out whether a website uses open source cms or not is to look at the html source code, look at the menu url, or see an error message. To make this easier, it turns out that there is a Firefox browser addon that can be used, its name is Wappalayzer. How to use […]

How to Run Android on Linux Using the Genymotion Emulator

Genymotion is an emulator to run Android on a PC that is used by developers to try out applications that are being developed. Genymotion is more accurately called the Android Virtual Machine and the official website also calls it AndroVM because to run Genymotion requires VirtualBox. I’ve tried it on Ubuntu Linux distro and running BBM application. How to Install […]

XDM: IDM replacement on Linux

There are many download managers available on Linux such as Wget, Gwget, Kget, and Fatrat but none of them can compete with Internet Download Manager (IDM) so there are still many who use IDM on Linux via Wine. There is one download manager that has recently been recommended by many Linuxers and can be a substitute for IDM, namely Xtreme […]