How to Configure TP-LINK TL-MR3420 Access Point Point

On wireless Access Point network devices that need to be configured are:

  • IP Access Point
  • SSID
  • Wireless Security
  • DHCP Server

This tutorial uses the TP-LINK TL-MR3420 Access Point version 2.3. Default configurations such as IP Access Point, SSID, Key, Username and Password are located under Access Point. For TL-MR3420 the default IP is, username admin password admin to login web config. DHCP server is active starting from IP to

TP-Link MR 3420 version 2
TP-Link MR 3420 version 2

To configure the UTP cable plug in the yellow LAN port as shown below. If the configuration uses a laptop, you should disable the wireless interface first.

TP-Link MR 3420 version 2
TP-Link MR 3420 version 2

Open the browser then login to the TP-LINK web config, with username admin password admin. The left side of the configuration menu, the middle of the configuration form, and on the right is a description of the configuration page.

TP-Link Control Panel

IP Access Point Configuration

* Network->LAN.
* Enter the IP Address and Subnet Mask.
* Saves.

TP-Link - Network
TP-Link – Network

SSID Configuration

* Wireless->Wireless Settings.
* Enter the SSID name in the Wireless Network Name. This SSID will appear when you want to connect to wireless.
* Saves.

TP-Link - Wireless
TP-Link – Wireless

Wifi Password Configuration

* Wireless->Wireless Security.
* Select WPA/WPA2 – Personal.
* Enter the password in the Wireless Password at least 8 characters.
* Saves.

TP-Link - Wireless Security
TP-Link – Wireless Security

DHCP Server Configuration

* DHCP->DHCP Settings.
* To enable select Enable on DHCP Server.
* In the Start/End IP Address, enter the range of IP addresses that will be assigned to the client automatically.
* In this tutorial given starting from the IP Address to But IP addresses below and above can still be used but must be configured manually on the client.
* Address Lease Time is the duration of how long the IP Address is leased to the client, the default is 120 minutes. For example, given the IP Address to one device (MAC Address), then for 120 minutes the IP Address can only be used by that one device. Even though the device is no longer connected to the access point IP Address, it still cannot be used for 120 minutes.
* Saves. Reboot.

TP-Link - DHCP Server
TP-Link – DHCP Server

To view the connected IP Client, open the DHCP Client List menu.

TP-Link - DHCP Client List
TP-Link – DHCP Client List

Access Point can already be used for Wireless LAN network needs.

good luck

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