How to Configure WDS Between TP-LINK and DD-WRT

Previously I have written an article about WDS on TP-LINK, this time it is still about WDS configuration but with different firmware between TP-LINK and DD-WRT.

This tutorial uses:
1. Main access point: Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS with DD-WRT v24 firmware (05/24/08).
2. Access point bridge: TP-LINK MR3420 version 2 with firmware 3.13.24 Build 120703.

DD-WRT main access point configuration
* Wireless->WDS.
* Select LAN and enter the MAC Address of the bridge access point.

DD-WRT – Wireless Distribution System

TP-LINK bridge access point configuration
* Wireless->Wireless Settings.
* Enable WDS Bridging.
* Click Surveys.
* Click Connect on the main access point row.

TP-Link - Wireless Settings
TP-Link – Wireless Settings
TP-Link - Wireless Survey
TP-Link – AP List

WDS Status
* On DD-WRT: Status->Wireless, if connected, the access point signal appears.

DD-WRT – Wireless
DD-WRT – WDS Nodes

* On TP-LINK: Status, in the Wireless section there is WDS Status. If connected, the status is Run.

TP-Link - WDS Status
TP-Link – WDS Status

good luck

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