How to Play Garena’s Point Blank Using WTFast

Because the Point Blank license for the Indonesian territory is already held by Gemscool, Garena is automatically prohibited from accepting players from IP Indonesia. Yes, Garena blocks connections from Indonesian IPs that point to their Point Blank servers. To get around to playing, we need a third party, such as a VPN, or a proxy or SSH Tunnel. From what I’ve tried, the one that successfully connects is by using WTFast. Here’s the tutorial.

First, we download the WTFast trail 30 day installer instal here. Then run the installer. After the WTF interface appears, in the “Game” column, select “Custom Game”, and press the “Add” button.

In column Name, fill in the name of the game to be run. Here I write the name “Point Blank Garena”. Then in column Game executable files, select file PointBlank.exe whose location is in the folder PBGameDataAppsPBPointBlank.exe folder.

Then check Run with Launcher. Then press the Browse button and select the file PBLauncher.exe what’s in the folder PBPBLauncher.exe folder. When finished press the OK button. See the image below for details.

Then in the Server column, select “Singapore (Choose Best)”. See image below. PB4

UPDATE (11/01/2014): To get the WTF server with the best ping of our connection, press the “Sort by Ping“, and WTF will display a list of servers with their ping results. The smaller the ping value, the better our connection to the server. See image below:



Garena’s Point Blank is ready to run! Just click the button Play!, then login Garena Messenger, and run Garena Point Blank. Here’s a screenshot of Garena’s Point Blank display. pb1


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