Install Ubuntu 12.04 [Bagian 2]

Continued from previous post Install Ubuntu 12.04 Part 1

Installing Ubuntu 12.04

  • Click on the shortcut Install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Language selection, I chose English.
    Click Continue
  • install ubuntu

  • It takes a minimum of 4.4GB of free hard disk space and if you are using a laptop, you should have enough battery or an adapter is installed.
    Click Continue
  • install ubuntu

  • Choose Something else
  • install ubuntu

  • The partition arrangement will be displayed.
    Select /dev/sda6 ext4, then click the Change button
  • install ubuntu

  • Use as select Ext4 journaling file system
    Check Format the partition
    Mount point select /
    Click OK.
  • install ubuntu

  • Click Install Now to continue the installation process, if something goes wrong, click Revert to reset it to its original state.
  • Select a time zone by clicking an area on the map, clicking Continue.
  • install ubuntu

  • Default English (US) keyboard layout, click Continue
  • install ubuntu

  • Enter your name, computer name, login username and password.
    Click Continue.
  • install ubuntu

  • Import document from Windows, check if you want to import
    Click Continue
  • install ubuntu

  • Installation process
  • install ubuntu

  • The installation is complete, a message like the one below will appear.
    Click Restart Now
  • install ubuntu

  • Unmount the installation media, then press Enter
  • class=

  • The Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 boot options that were previously available are still legible.
  • install ubuntu

  • Enter the password to log in.
    Click the Ubuntu icon to select the desktop environment whether Ubuntu (Unity) or Ubuntu 2D (Unity 2D).
  • install ubuntu

    install ubuntu

good luck

Ubuntu, Linux for human beings

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