Using the Mount and Unmount File Systems Commands on Linux

On Linux and UNIX operating systems you can use the command mount to mount system files and removable devices such as USB flash drives at specific mount points in the directory tree. Command umount means unmounting the mounted filesystem from the directory tree. In this tutorial, we’ll cover the basics of attaching and unmounting various file systems using the command […]

How to Install and Configure VNC on Debian 9

This guide covers the steps required to install and configure a VNC server on a Debian 9 system. We will also show you how to securely connect to a VNC server via an SSH tunnel. Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a graphical desktop sharing system that allows you to use a keyboard and mouse to remotely control other computers. It […]

3 Basic Graphic Design Tips for Non-Designers

Hi! Sometimes there are certain jobs that require us – the workers – to do a little bit of graphic design, even though we are not graphic designers. For example, marketing – especially digital marketing. Usually they will need visual content to be published in digital media. Okay, maybe they have a special designer working on it. But, sometimes the […]

Easy Ways to Install Yarn on Ubuntu 18.04 for Beginners

Yarn is a JavaScript package manager compatible with npm, and helps you automate the process of installing, updating, configuring, and removing npm packages. Yarn exists to address most of the problems developers have with NPM, such as speeding up the package installation process by parallelizing operations and reducing errors related to network connectivity. In this tutorial, we will cover how […]

How to Install WildFly 14 on Debian 9

Spread the love We’ll show you how to install WildFly 14 on Debian 9 with Apache as a reverse proxy. WildFly is free and open-source Java application server formerly known as JBoss. It is written in Java and used for building deploying and hosting Java applications and other web-based applications and services. 1. WildFly Requirements In order to run WildFly […]

Shooting Experience with Samsung Galaxy A7

Shooting Experience with Samsung Galaxy A7 Lifestyle Mobile Dimas Galih October 17, 2018 0 5 minutes read Samsung Galaxy A9 and A7 launched globally at W Hotel, Malaysia. The Samsung A7 itself carries three cameras on the back, while the A9 has four cameras. At the event which was held in Malaysia, DailySocial had the opportunity to try one of […]

Tutorial Install VMware Workstation Player on Ubuntu 18.04

VMware is a mature and stable virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple isolated operating systems on a single machine. With VMware Workstation Player you can create and run your own virtual machines and evaluate software distributed as virtual tools from the many software vendors available from VMware Solutions Exchange. VMware Workstation Player is not open source and free […]

How to Buy Products on AliExpress Easily

AliExpress is an online shopping site launched in 2010. The site allows international shoppers to purchase a wide variety of goods from wholesalers in China. All purchases will be sent via various international shipping services depending on the country of destination. Until now, AliExpress itself has sent various goods to more than 200 countries as well as other regions around […]