PHP+MySQL : CRUD [Create Read Update Delete] part 2

PHP to MySQL connection file connect_db.php
The script below serves to access the MySQL database. Every time you want to access MySQL, you must first call connect_db.php.

Line 7 : connect to MySQL using information from variable line 2-5
Line 8 : select database

File form input booktelp_form_input.php
The contents of this script only contain html tags for form input.

Line 4: the method used is “post” and the action (data input process file to MySQL) is “bukutelp_add.php”.
Lines 8,12,16,20 : the value of name will be a variable

Command file insert data into table_telp_book booktelp_add.php
This script serves to enter data into the Buku_telp table which is inputted through the Bukutelp_form_input.php input form.

Line 2: call the connect_db.php file to login to the MySQL database
Lines 4-7 : the $_POST variable is first changed to a local variable
Line 9 : query to enter data into MySQL with values ​​taken from the value of the variable sent from the input form.
Lines 13-18: if the data input query is successful ($result is TRUE) then the message “Success saves data” appears, if it fails, the message “An error has occurred”.

good luck

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