Adding Loop Device in Ubuntu

Loop devices are used as media for mounting cd image files (.iso). The number of loop devices by default is 8 starting from loop0 to loop7, can be checked with the command ls /dev/loop*. Sometimes we need to mount more than 8 cd images such as mount the ubuntu dvd repository which has up to 11 dvd’s. Here’s how to […]

[Plesk] Adding Domain

Go to the Website page. Click Add New Domain. The domain must already exist/register and the servername is set to the hosting nameserver used in the example lightning cloud using nameservers and Enter the domain name in Domain name. The location of the web documents folder is in the Document root section. Click OK. Domain added successfully. The […]

Adding Music from Local Computer to Spotify Player

Adding Music from Local Computer to Spotify Player. Some time ago I shared how to install Spotify on Linux. Well, it must be admitted that there are still many songs that are not yet available on Spotify. For example, I haven’t been able to find some songs from Kano on Spotify. Well, if you have the file locally, you can […]

Adding Linux BackBox Tool on Ubuntu

Adding Linux BackBox Tool on Ubuntu. Sometimes I need some tools from the pentest distribution but because I am not a pentester and very rarely use these tools, I am reluctant to install Pentest OS on my hard disk and prefer to use Ubuntu. To get these tools on Ubuntu we can compile from the source code available on GitHub, […]

Adding Box in Linux Terminal Output using ASCII Boxes

Adding Box in Linux Terminal Output using ASCII boxes. Okay, this is actually not a very important feature. Boxes is a cli tool that can be used to add boxes to the output of commands that we type, so that they have an interesting effect on the terminal.Here’s an example: On Ubuntu and Debian you can install Boxes with the […]

Adding SFTP User without SSH Access

Adding SFTP User without SSH Login Access. For security reasons, it’s a good idea to limit the sftp user to manage the web server by not giving login access to the shell. Well, in this tutorial I will share a little about how to add an SFTP user without SSH access. The first step is to create an sftp user […]

Adding Watermark on Smartphone Camera

Adding Watermark on Smartphone Camera Lifestyle Mobile Dimas Galih July 19, 2018 0 6 minutes read Photography activities are now increasingly in demand because of almost everything smartphone which is sold has a camera. Even though the results are not as good as DSLR cameras in general, everyone who doesn’t have the more funds to buy a Mirrorless or DSLR […]

Adding Automatic Meta Tags with Javascript Code

Usually a meta tag is placed between the head tags. Its use is to make the robots recognize what they are getting from a description, title, and so on. But if there are no meta tags that is fine, but robots from search engines might find it a little difficult to write a description on the search page and the […]