How to Change SSH Server Port Number

By default the Port number for the SSH server is number 22. Changing the SSH server port number is done for security reasons. By changing the port number, people trying to make SSH connections using the default port numbers will not be able to log in. Open the ssh server config file, I’m using Ubuntu sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config 1 sudo […]

[Plesk] How to Change PHP Version

The PHP version used is very influential on the PHP applications that we build because each version has functions that are added and some are omitted. For example, in developing applications on a local server (localhost), we use a different version from web hosting so that sometimes errors occur or even no text appears when the application is already on […]

How to Change MAC Address on Ubuntu

Install macchanger sudo apt-get install macchanger 1 sudo apt–get install macchanger I want to change the MAC Address of the Wireless Adapter wlan0 is set down sudo ifconfig wlan0 down 1 sudo ifconfig wlan0 down Display MAC Address wlan0 sudo macchanger -s wlan0 1 sudo macchanger –s wlan0 Replace with random MAC Address sudo macchanger -r wlan0 1 sudo macchanger […]

How to Change a Forgot DANA Wallet PIN

As time goes by, more and more features will be provided in the DANA Wallet application. Even now users can also use this application to save gold, you know. So buying or selling gold can now be done anywhere without leaving the house. Every transaction at DANA runs on a strict system, where users are must enter account PIN so […]

How to Change Instagram Password

How to Change Instagram Password Mobile Bambang Winarso March 23, 2021 0 4 minutes read New york, USA – April 11, 2018: Adding new story on instagram app close-up view of smartphone screen Replace password on Instagram is a solution if you feel there is suspicious activity, whether it’s an experiment login or you think you have connected your account […]

3 Ways to Change Gmail Mobile Number

3 Ways to Change Gmail Phone Number Mobile Bambang Winarso March 22, 2021 0 7 minutes read When the mobile number in your Gmail is no longer active, then of course you have to replace the number with a new active number. Moreover, the number will be very useful, especially as a way to recover a Google account if you […]

How to Get a Free Name Change Card in Mobile Legends

by rrobyf on January 18, 2021 Basically, Mobile Legends game players can only change the name of the game once for free. More than that, of course, the player must buy a name change card (Name Change Card) to be able to change it one more time. The Name Change Card can be purchased for around 200 diamonds, or the […]

How to Change Number in Telegram App

How to Change Number in Telegram App Mobile Bambang Winarso January 18, 2021 0 4 minutes read The Telegram application uses a mobile number as its user identity, similar to what we see on WhatsApp. Therefore, this number can be changed at any time, provided you have access to the new number. To change the number on Telegram, first please […]