[WordPress] Redirect Error 404 to Custom Page

A 404 error appears if we access a web page that doesn’t exist, maybe because the url doesn’t exist or is written incorrectly. In WordPress the Error 404 message has its own appearance according to the theme used. But there are times when we want to change it or redirect it to another page. For example, in this blog, if […]

How to Create a Custom Ubuntu 12.04 LiveCD

Install squashfs-tools and genisoimage sudo aptitude install squashfs-tools genisoimage 1 sudo aptitude install squashfs–tools genisoimage I created a livecd on another partition because the / (root) partition is not enough. The partition must be of type ext. Create a livecdtmp direktori directory mkdir /media/master/livecdtmp 1 mkdir /media/master/livecdtmp Create a mnt directory to mount the ubuntu iso mkdir min 1 mkdir […]

How to Add Custom HTTP Proxy to OpenVPN Configuration

by rrobyf on December 21, 2016 OpenVPN is a type of VPN that has its own advantages over an ordinary VPN. With OpenVPN, users can set their own connections to make, for example, such as adding proxies and others. In addition, many paid VPN service providers also add OpenVPN to their list because OpenVPN is also practical to use because […]