Adding Loop Device in Ubuntu

Loop devices are used as media for mounting cd image files (.iso). The number of loop devices by default is 8 starting from loop0 to loop7, can be checked with the command ls /dev/loop*. Sometimes we need to mount more than 8 cd images such as mount the ubuntu dvd repository which has up to 11 dvd’s. Here’s how to […]

[VirtualBox] Installing USB Device

Adding users to the vboxusers group User “musa” wants to be included in the vboxusers group 1. Open Terminal, CTRL+ALT+T 2. Command to see all existing groups groupmod + press TAB 2X 1 groupmod + press TAB 2X 3. Format the command to enter the user into the group sudo usermod -a -G GROUPNAME USERNAME 1 sudo usermod –a –G […]

How to Enable the Track Device Feature in Windows 10

by rrobyf on March 25, 2021 Not only on mobile phones that have the feature to track devices, even Windows 10 also has them. Allows users to be able to track the last position of their laptop if they feel they have forgotten to put down or maybe lost. Track device feature (Find My Device) This is almost the same […]

Solving “Device not Managed” Error in Network Manager

Solving “Device not Managed” error in Ubuntu Network Manager. Some time ago I had a problem with the Network Manager on my Ubuntu. I can’t connect to the internet even though I use wired, and the “Device not Managed” error appears on the network icon on the desktop as well. Well, in this article I will share a little about […]

Windows 10 Tips: Save Device Battery with Battery Saver

Windows 10 Tips: Save Device Battery with Battery Saver PC Puja April 18, 2016 0 5 minutes read Windows 10 is an operating system that isn’t just meant to be desktop, but also for smartphone and tablets. To support mobility, devices smartphone and tablets are often not always connected to the device charger. And of course the next challenge from […]