How to Disable Bug Report [Apport] on Ubuntu

Apport is an application for reporting Ubuntu bugs to developers. On Ubuntu 12.04 the apport appears frequently so it’s a bit annoying sometimes. Here’s how to disable it: 1. Edit the file /etc/default/apport sudo gedit /etc/default/apport 1 sudo gedit /etc/default/apport 2. Change enabled=1 Becomes enabled=0 3. Save, exit Gedit 4. Stop the service apport sudo service apport stop 1 sudo […]

How to Temporarily Disable ESET Antivirus on PC

by rrobyf on February 27, 2021 ESET Nod32 is a powerful antivirus for Windows computers. The appearance is simple, but behind that, this program can prevent various types of viruses or malware just got into the computer. There is a real-time detection feature to analyze potentially dangerous files so that they are placed in the quarantine section. And just like […]

How to Disable Windows Media Player on Windows 10

by rrobyf on November 7, 2020 Previously Windows Media Player (WMP) had a very high role on computers. Because the program can be used to play all media on the computer. Like music, videos, and so on. But over time, Windows Media Player began to be rarely used because it was replaced by other programs that have more features. Even […]

How to Disable Internet Explorer on Windows 10

by rrobyf on October 13, 2020 In 2020, Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer will soon be discontinued and will no longer receive updates from a security and other perspective. But it will be replaced with a newer browser, namely Microsoft Edge. More or less, the termination was carried out around March 2021. This was done because Internet Explorer is […]

How to Disable Vibrate on Certain Notifications on Android

Vibration on the phone will usually be felt when there is an incoming notification, be it SMS, Phone, or from an application. That’s especially useful when your phone is in your pocket and in a crowded place, so you never miss a notification. But the vibration on the phone is sometimes felt to disturb certain notifications. For example, from a […]

Enable or Disable Call Keypad Tones on Android

by rrobyf on March 30, 2020 There are several system tones found in Android phones. One of them is the dialing keypad tone which has a sound that varies with each number that is tapped. So memorized, sometimes someone can tap the button without looking at the screen, and just listen to the sound. All phones have this feature, of […]

How to Disable Game Bar in Windows 10

by rrobyf on March 16, 2020 The Game Bar is a built-in feature in Windows 10 that allows users to do several things while playing a game. Examples such as capturing a screen image, or even being able to record the screen at the same time. By default the Game Bar is already active, and to display the menu, it […]

How to Disable Windows Defender Through PowerShell

PowerShell has its own advantages when compared to Command Prompt (CMD). Almost the same can set the system, but wider and the commands are also very different. PowerShell is aimed more at IT professionals in manage the system as well as the application running on Windows. Almost everything on the computer settings can be set via PowerShell, even disabling antivirus. […]

How to Disable Bluetooth on Startup in Ubuntu

How to Disable Bluetooth at Startup in Ubuntu. By default, Bluetooth in Ubuntu will be active immediately when we boot into the system. And because I personally almost never use this feature, I took the initiative to disable it by default, because this will also affect the use of resources. To disable Bluetooth, we can use the rfkill command, a […]

How to Disable Annoying WhatsApp Group Notifications

by rrobyf on November 18, 2019 Are you currently joining many groups on WhatsApp and think that some of them are not very important to get notifications of incoming messages? If so, then it would be better to turn off notifications for these unimportant groups. By disabling notifications or notifications in groups, it will not have any impact. The message […]