[Ubuntu] How to Install Adobe Flash Player for Mozilla Firefox and Chromium Browsers

Video streaming websites use Adobe Flash-based video player, so to run the video player requires Adobe Flash Player. Install Adobe Flash Player 1. Open Software & Updates 2. Tab Other Software, tick Canonical Partners 3. Run the command update cache repository sudo apt-get update 1 sudo apt–get updates 4. Run the install command sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin 1 sudo apt–get […]

Mozilla Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

One of the factors that attracts users to use the Firefox browser is the availability of various cool plugins, including for web developer purposes, here are 6 of them: Web Developer From the name alone, this plugin is specifically made for web developer work, from viewing web page information, images, forms, javascript, to tools to facilitate css coding. firebug This […]

Free VPN on Firefox and Chrome with ZenMate Add-ons

ZenMate is a browser addons Firefox and Chrome for VPN services. With ZenMate VPN we can replace Public IP for browsing with Public IP from VPN servers in 5 different locations namely Hong Kong, Romania, Germany, UK, and the United States. ZenMate has been used by more than 11 million users and won the Europas Award for Best Security/Privacy Startup […]

Mozilla Firefox Profile Manager on Linux

In the Firefox and Google Chrome browsers there is a Profile Manager feature that serves to create a user for the browser. Later each browser can have a different configuration, similar to the user on the operating system. The Profile Manager on Google Chrome can be accessed directly from the browser interface, but unlike the Profile Manager for Firefox, it […]

How to Overcome Frequent Firefox Browser Crashes

Firefox is a browser that is lightweight and also fast in accessing the internet. Since the release of the Quantum version, this browser has grown in demand. But be aware that no browser is perfect, and all of them have their own drawbacks. In Firefox there are also drawbacks, one of which is like crash when opening multiple tabs at […]

How to Install Non-ESR Firefox Browser on Kali Linux

How to Install Firefox Browser on Kali Linux. Okay, this is my personal note on how to install Firefox browser on Kali Linux. What we will install here is the regular Firefox browser, not Firefox ESR. Firefox ESR, or Extended Support Release, is the official version of Firefox that focuses on security and stability, not the latest features. That means […]

How to Use DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox

by rrobyf on December 19, 2020 DNS Over HTTPS (DoH) has a function to maintain user privacy when browsing the internet by encrypting the network of the domain being visited. This is different from a VPN, where the IP address you use will remain and do not change. Basically, even in Windows 10, DNS Over HTTPS can already be applied, […]

How to Clean Firefox Browsing Data Completely

There are a lot of changes in the Mozilla Firefox browser, not only in terms of appearance, even for its performance has also increased dramatically. Allows all users to feel comfortable browsing using this browser. Over time, Firefox has saved your entire browsing history. Like the URL of the page, something you wrote on the form, etc. Of course, it’s […]

Easy Ways to Overcome the Troubled Firefox Browser

Who is not familiar with the Mozilla Firefox browser, it is one of the popular browsers that has been around for a long time and continues to grow today. There have been many advantages since Firefox released the Quantum version, for example, the browsing speed is better than before. But no one can know that all browsers can have problems, […]

How to Add Addon Manually in Firefox

by rrobyf on November 20, 2020 Addons or add-ons in Firefox have many uses and also add new features to the browser. For example, an add-on called Adblock is able to remove ads on a site in order to speed up loading when browsing. All browsers certainly have features to add this Addon/Extension/Add-on. Most of it can be enjoyed for […]