Adding Loop Device in Ubuntu

Loop devices are used as media for mounting cd image files (.iso). The number of loop devices by default is 8 starting from loop0 to loop7, can be checked with the command ls /dev/loop*. Sometimes we need to mount more than 8 cd images such as mount the ubuntu dvd repository which has up to 11 dvd’s. Here’s how to […]

Bash Script: Loop while, until, for, select

This article is part of Bash Script which consists of 7 parts: Shell Script on Linux Variable Arrays Input Output Selection Loop Function Loop using while while . writing format while [ <some test> ] do done 1 2 3 4 while [ <some test> ] do done Example #!/bin/bash clear counter=1 while [ $counter -le 10 ] do echo […]

List of Simpati Loop Call Packages and kartuHalo 2021

List of Simpati Loop Call Packages and kartuHalo 2021 Operator Wyne May 13, 2021 0 10 minutes read Want to call for hours at a low rate? You can still use the old method, namely by using a cheap call package from Telkomsel. Because it has a good and stable network quality, Telkomsel has succeeded in making many customers feel […]

Using While Loop in Bash Scripting

Using While Loop in Bash Scripting. In programming, looping is one of the fundamental concepts that will be very helpful in multi-tasking work. In bash scripting itself we can use several functions for looping, among others for, while, and until. Well in this tutorial we will discuss the use of while for looping in bash. Broadly speaking, the use of […]