How to Change MAC Address on Ubuntu

Install macchanger sudo apt-get install macchanger 1 sudo apt–get install macchanger I want to change the MAC Address of the Wireless Adapter wlan0 is set down sudo ifconfig wlan0 down 1 sudo ifconfig wlan0 down Display MAC Address wlan0 sudo macchanger -s wlan0 1 sudo macchanger –s wlan0 Replace with random MAC Address sudo macchanger -r wlan0 1 sudo macchanger […]

How to Unlock Random Mac on Android Phone

There is another new feature in Android, namely Random Mac (Randomize Mac) which is useful for device privacy against public networks. This feature can be enjoyed starting from Android 10 and above. This feature is almost the same as the one in Windows 10. So by enabling it, your device will connect as a device that is not recognized by […]

How to Change the Mac Address on a Computer or Laptop

Every device that can connect to the internet network must have a Mac Address that serves as the identity of the device. Just like IMEI, Mac Address code must be different and never the same. But is it impossible to change the Mac Address? The answer is no, because some devices such as routers or computers have settings that allow […]