How to Hide NTFS Partition in Ubuntu

By default all hard disk partitions will be displayed in the file manager (Files/Nautilus) in Ubuntu. The partitions can be hidden easily. Open the Disks application. Select the NTFS partition you want to hide. Click the gear icon for partition options. Click the Edit Mount Options menu. In Mount Options, uncheck Mount at startup and Show in user interface. Then […]

[Ubuntu] How to Enable Undetected Swap Partition

The Ubuntu I use doesn’t recognize the swap partition even though the partition is already available. I know this after opening the System Monitor Resources tab as shown in the picture. System Monitor – Resource, Swap partition not available Here’s how to solve the swap problem: Check UUID of swap partition blkid 1 blkid Result /dev/sda1: UUID=”db97fa0c-9285-4f47-8d4c-8ef8f7a94472″ TYPE=”swap” /dev/sda5: LABEL=”data1″ […]

How to Mount NTFS Partition on CentOS 6

CentOS distro by default cannot read NTFS file system. To be able to read NTFS, use NTFS-3G, here’s how to install and use it: Activate the EPEL repo $ cd /tmp $ wget # rpm -ivh epel-release-6-5.noarch.rpm 1 2 3 $ CD /tmp $ wget # rpm -ivh epel-release-6-5.noarch.rpm Install NTFS-3G # yum install ntfs-3g 1 # yum […]

Auto Mount Partition in Ubuntu

1. Install the Storage Device Manager application, $ sudo apt-get install pysdm 1 $ sudo apt–get install pysdm 2. Open the Storage Device Manager application, Applications->System Tools->Administration->Storage Device Manager 3. Select the partition to be set on the Partition List, I want to set the sda5 with the ntfs filesystem. 4. There is a question “/dev/sda5 hasn’t been configured. Do […]

Increasing LVM Partition Size on Ubuntu Server

Increase LVM Partition Size on Ubuntu Server. When I installed Ubuntu Server in guided partitioning with LVM mode, it turned out that the size of the system partition was only about a quarter of the total available hard drive capacity. Well, in this article I will share how to increase the size of the partition on the system, which in […]