How to Install OpenCart on Ubuntu

OpenCart is a PHP-based open source CMS for building an online store or e-commerce. OpenCart began development in 2005, the latest version at the time of this tutorial was written In May 2016 online stores that use OpenCart have reached 342,000 websites. Software Used The following software is used in this tutorial: Linux OS Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS Apache2 […]

How to Install PrestaShop on Ubuntu

PrestaShop is a CMS (Content Management System) software for building e-commerce websites using the PHP programming language. This PrestaShop installation tutorial uses Linux distributions Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Apache2, MariaDB 10, and PHP 7.0. 1. Install Apache2 Install Apache2 web server/httpd server server sudo apt install apache2 -y 1 sudo apt install apache2 –y After Apache2 installation, disable directory listing sudo […]

How to Install DNSCrypt on Ubuntu

DNSCrypt is a protocol for authenticating communication between a DNS client and a DNS resolver. DNSCrypt can ward off attacks DNS spoofing from hackers. DNSCrypt uses cryptographic signatures to verify that the response received from the DNS resolver has not been modified. Protocol specifications DNSCrypt is open, free & open source, and is not affiliated with any company or organization. […]

How to Setting MariaDB Database Remote Access on Ubuntu

MariaDB database installation by default can only be accessed by local computer (localhost / for security reasons. But in some cases sometimes programmers need access to MariaDB database can be done remotely from another computer (another IP address). MariaDB Server Settings Open the MariaDB configuration file using nano. sudo nano /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf 1 sudo nano /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50–server.cnf Search bind-address change the […]

How to Install PHP 7.1/7.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

In the official Ubuntu 16.04 repository, the PHP version available is PHP 7.0. In some cases we want to replace it or upgrade with PHP 7.1/7.2 because the PHP application being developed requires that version. For example in the framework Laravel 5.6 minimum use PHP 7.1.3. If you have previously installed PHP 7.0, remove it first. sudo apt-get remove php […]

How to Install Phalcon on Ubuntu

Phalcon is a PHP framework which was first released in 2012, the latest release is version 3.3.1 on June 19, 2017. Unlike other PHP frameworks, Phalcon is not downloaded directly in PHP file format or through composer, but Phalcon is a PHP extension written in the PHP language. Zephir and C programming. This makes Phalcon much faster and resource efficient […]

How to Install CodeIgniter on Ubuntu

CodeIgniter is one of the most popular PHP frameworks used by web programmers in Indonesia. CodeIginter was first released in 2006 and the latest release at the time of writing is version 3.1.7. The first developer of CodeIgniter was EllisLab which was then continued by the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Before installing CodeIgniter, the Ubuntu used was already available […]

How to Combine Subtitles with Videos on Ubuntu

How to combine subtitles with videos in Ubuntu we can use the application HandBrake. HandBrake is an open source application for video format conversion, available for macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu. Install HandBrake on Ubuntu sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install handbrake 1 2 3 sudo add–apt–repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake–releases sudo apt–get updates sudo apt–get install handbrake How to Combine […]

How to Install Composer on Ubuntu

Composer is a dependency manager tool for PHP. A developer can declare the required libraries in a PHP application project which will then be installed and updated by Composer without having to be downloaded one by one. Install Composer sudo apt-get install curl php-cli php-mbstring git unzip curl –sS | php sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer 1 2 3 sudo […]

How to Install Moodle on Ubuntu

Moodle is an open source application for web-based e-learning. Moodle has been widely implemented in various schools and universities in Indonesia. This Moodle installation tutorial uses: Ubuntu 16.04 Apache MySQL 5 PHP 7.0 Install LAMP server sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-client mysql-server php7.0 libapache2-mod-php7.0 php7.0-pspell php7.0-curl php7.0-gd php7.0-intl php7.0 -mysql php7.0-xml php7.0-xmlrpc php7.0-ldap php7.0-zip php7.0-soap php7.0-mbstring 1 […]