How to Install CentOS Web Panel (CWP) on CentOS 7

CentOS Web Panel (CWP) is a control panel application for web hosting or web hosting that uses the CentOS Linux distribution. By using the CentOS Web Panel, a sysadmin no longer has to configure via a remote SSH shell. CentOS Web Panel Features including support for Apache, PHP, User Management, DNS, Email, Security, MySQL, and System Management. CentOS Web Panel […]

Hostinger Indonesia Web Hosting Review

Since 2016, I have heard of web hosting providers penyedia Hostinger Indonesia, be it from friends who have used it or from web programmers in the Facebook web programming group. But have never used the services of Hostinger. This is the first time there is an opportunity to try the product/service for yourself and provide a review on Hostinger Indonesia’s […]

How to Split Apache Web Server and MariaDB Database Server

Separating Apache and MariaDB on different server machines is intended so that the use of resources (RAM, CPU, I/O) is separate, not burdensome to each other. Separation of this server can be done by configuring MariaDB to be accessed remotely. This tutorial uses Ubuntu Server 16.04 = Apache Web Server = MariaDB Database Server MariaDB Server Configuration Edit […]

How to Install Nginx Web Server on Ubuntu

NGINX (read engine x) is one of the popular web server software besides Apache. of several test result, NGINX has better performance compared to Apache. Data shows that 45.9% of websites use Apache and followed by NGINX 32.4% of websites. At the time of writing, this blog also uses NGINX. Market share web server ( Here’s how to install […]

linux-dash: Web Based Linux Server Monitoring Application

linux-dash is a web-based Linux server monitoring application. This application is built using the PHP programming language. Which can be monitored Disk, CPU, RAM, Users, and Network. Installation is easy, just put linux-dash in the web folder (/var/www). But make sure the package below is already installed. sudo apt-get install apache2 apache2-utils sudo apt-get install php5 curl php5-curl php5-json sudo […]

Web Design & Development Trends, in 2019

Web Design & Development Trends; In the midst of a business cycle that is almost all online, a website or immersive application experience needs to attract, stimulate, and haunt customer awareness. Busy with remodeling or creating a business website, carefully consider what users like and don’t like, with regard to business objectives and competition. Need more expertise to be able […]

Increase Sales with Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design plays a major role. In particular, in customer purchasing decisions. To increase sales conversion. The hope, of course, is to improve every step of the visitor experience, to be more perfect. As; find the product or service they want, find the action page (the page where they can buy or register), reach the check-out page, and make […]

Factors that make the web mobile friendly

In building a website, the appearance of the site mobile responsive just not enough. There are important things to consider. One of them, is about the tendency of mobile phone users themselves. Yes, mobile phones are used as a tool to access websites. This analysis, compiled by Google’s Mobile UX team. Who works with a team of web development companies. […]

Modern Minimalist Web Design Trends

Once upon a time, a website with an extraordinarily complex concept. With stacked design. Not even the slightest bit of empty space left. All seemed to want to appear at once. Today, it is starting to be abandoned. Now the trend of minimalist web design, tends to be liked. Most are starting to cut back. Simplify the message presented to […]

Domains and Web Hosting

Before we put our website online, we need 2 servers, namely domain and web hosting. These two servers do not need us to provide but can be rented from a web domain/hosting service provider. Domain Domain is the address that we type to access web pages such as The average rental price for .COM domains is IDR 100,000 per […]