TeamViewer, Hassle-Free Remote Computer

The most popular software currently used for remote computers is TeamViewer with more than 100 million users in more than 200 countries. Why do I say TeamViewer is not complicated because we don’t need to know the IP address to be remote, don’t need to set it on a router or firewall, and can be used on all operating systems from Windows, Mac, Linux to Android/iPhone/iPad mobiles.

If you don’t use IP then what do you use? Once this program is run then TeamViewer will create an ID and Password, this ID and Password will be entered if you want to remotely the computer. In addition to the main features as remote desktop software, TeamViewer can also be used to transfer files between computers that are currently connected.

Curious to try TeamViewer, soon download, install and play the program


TeamViewer - Main Window
TeamViewer – Main Window

TeamViewer - Partner List
TeamViewer – Partner List
TeamViewer - Options
TeamViewer – Options
TeamViewer - File Transfer
TeamViewer – File Transfer

happy remote

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