Tips for Being a Successful Gaming Twitch Streamers

Twitch, a streaming platform that Amazon owns, has now become more popular than ever! Twitch boasts of getting around 40 million monthly viewers from all over the world, specifically by individuals who love watching other people stream how they play games, conduct talk shows, and play music. Becoming a Twitch streamer can be an ideal job for gamers and non gamers — not only will you be able to interact with your friends, you can also meet other gamers, non-gamers and play your favourite games, and even get paid! While it may sound very enticing, there are challenges to becoming successful in Twitch streaming. Let’s look at some tips that you can apply straight away to be successful in streaming using Twitch.

Know which game you perform in

When you are just starting out in Twitch streaming, it is a MUST that you know which game you are able to excel in. It is important that you are able to boast to the whole community why you are a good gamer and why they should follow your streams. When you have built your following, you can then explore other games that you would like to try since they can now laugh along with you if ever you are unable to perform well on a new game.

Identify your streaming schedule

Unlike before when you can just play your games whenever you feel like it, once you start streaming, you have to set your schedule. The simple reason for this is that you want your viewers to actually know when they can expect you to stream and not just wait for you when you will next pop up.

Get good and reliable equipment

Who would want to watch a game streamer whose voice you can’t hear or someone you can’t see? Even if your gimmick is to wear masks or cosplay, followers are interested to see you while playing. For this, make sure that you have reliable equipment to use—and it doesn’t have to break your bank.

Maximize your social media

Since you shouldn’t stream 24 hours in a day because it’s very bad for your health, stay connected with your followers through your social media. Followers love knowing more about the streamers that they follow and are very interested in the things that you do outside streaming games—even if it’s VERY normal and typical.

Collaborate with other Twitch streamers

While we know that you can build your fan base with your gaming skills, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to other Twitch game streamers. Not only will you grow your community further, you would also learn a lot from them and even enjoy playing games with each other!

So what do you think? Are you ready to build your Twitch community and be recognized as a great gamer? Follow these simple tips and you will surely be on the right track towards becoming a successful Twitch streamer!

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