Tips for Clean and Fragrant Clothes All Day

When going out of the house, whether going out for important work or other matters, of course we don’t forget to think about what clothes are suitable for the meeting. One thing is certain, of course, we also do not want to make clients uncomfortable with the unpleasant smell that arises from clothes caused by musty smells.

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There are a few tips from me, so that your clothes stay clean and smell good all day long.

1. Soak the garment at a sufficient time so that it does not smell

In order for your clothes to have a perfect smell, it’s best not to soak them for too long. Do the washing process that starts from soaking the clothes for about 10 minutes. Then don’t forget to change the water for washing, rinsing, and soaking with fabric softener which should be done using different water. This is done to prevent the remaining dirt from being carried away from the laundry.

2. Wring the clothes that have been washed so that the dirt does not stick back on the clothes

After the washing process has been completed, you should immediately squeeze the clothes and don’t leave them with dirty foam. This will make the dirt back on your clothes. Therefore, you immediately squeeze the clothes, then the remaining soapy water will drop from the fibers of the clothes. After squeezing it, then continue the process of soaking the clothes with a special fragrance.

3. When you have finished drying the clothes, the next step is to dry the clothes immediately

Avoid leaving rinsed clothes in the bucket or washing machine for too long, as this can make invisible bacteria start to develop and cause bad odors. Avoid drying your clothes in direct sunlight, so dry your clothes in the air in a cool, well-ventilated place to keep your clothes smelling good. Where the wind will help evaporation without changing the smell of clothes.

4. Ironing clothes.

If you want your clothes to smell good all day long and last a long time, you should do the ironing process. Ironing clothes can make clothes smell even more fragrant and the smell of folded clothes will keep their fragrance. But if you have to hang it, don’t forget to give your wardrobe freshener so that your clothes are free from mold and moisture.

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