[VirtualBox] Installing USB Device

Adding users to the vboxusers group
User “musa” wants to be included in the vboxusers group
1. Open Terminal, CTRL+ALT+T
2. Command to see all existing groups

3. Format the command to enter the user into the group

, so to enter user musa into vboxusers the command is

4. Check whether the user has entered the group,

5. Log out and log back in

Install Extensions
1. Download VirtualBox extensions
2. Open VirtualBox, menu File->Preferences
3. Select Extensions
4. Click Add Package, open the downloaded extension file

5. Click Install
virtualbox - extension

6. Click I Agree
7. Click OK

Installing USB Device
1. Click USB
2. Click Add Filter From Device. I tried to install External HDD and USB Modem
virtualbox - usb

3. Testing, run the virtual machine whether the USB Device is entered
virtualbox - vm blank

virtualbox - vm blank

good luck


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