VirtualBox Tutorial on Ubuntu

Install Oracle VirtualBox

Changing the Virtual Machine Storage Folder
By default virtual machine files are stored in /home/user/VirtualBox VMs, but we can change the storage folder to another partition folder so that the / (root) partition is not full quickly.

1. Open VirtualBox, Applications->System Tools->Oracle VM VirtualBox
2. Click File->Preferences… or CTRL+G

3. Click Default Machine Folder, select the Other… menu to select a new location
virtualbox - virtual machine folder

4. Click OK

Creating a Virtual Machine
Here we will create a virtual machine with 1GB memory, 10GB HDD, CDROM filled with imagecd (.iso) Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop

1. Click New
2. Click Next
3. Enter the machine name in Name, for example Ubuntu
4. Select the OS type in the OS Type, the OS Type will be automatically selected according to the machine name entered
virtualbox - create virtual machine

5. Click Next
6. Fill in how much memory you want to use, 1GB = 1024MB
virtualbox - create virtual memory

7. Create a virtual HDD, click Next
8. Click Next
9. Select Dynamically allocated, click Next
10. Enter the HDD capacity you want to use, 10 GB. Click Next
virtualbox - create virtual disk

11. Click Create to create a virtual HDD that has been set
12. Click Create to create a virtual machine that has been set up

Inserting imagecd (.iso) on virtual CD
1. Click Storage
virtualbox - storage

2. Click the CD that says Empty, meaning the CDROM is still empty
virtualbox - storage

3. In the Attributes option on the right, click the CDROM icon, select the Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file menu… to select imagecd (.iso). If imagecd has been selected, the Empty text will be replaced with the imagecd file name
virtualbox - storage

4. Click OK

Running a Virtual Machine
Click Start to start the virtual machine
For Fullscreen, click View->Switch to Fullscreen or CTRL on the right + F
virtualbox - run virtual machine

good luck

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