How to Install MikroTik RouterOS on VPS Vultr

The operating system images available by default on the Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2) service are CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, and Windows. Vultr has also provided ISOs in the ISO Library, containing various Linux and BSD distributions. Then what if we want to install MikroTik on VPS Vultr? The trick is to use a MikroTik raw disk image […]

How to Install MongoDB on FreeBSD

MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database. One of the popular databases used in web applications that offers high performance, scalability and flexibility. This tutorial discusses how to install MongoDB on FreeBSD. Install MongoDB This tutorial uses FreeBSD 11.2 Install MongoDB via pkg pkg install mongodb 1 pkg install mongodb Setting Service Activate service mongod Open file rc.conf nano /etc/rc.conf […]

How to Install CyberPanel on CentOS 7

CyberPanel is an open source hosting control panel application designed for speed, security and reliability. CyberPanel uses OpenLiteSpeed ​​as a web server. CyberPanel features include: Access rights for root and normal users SSL FTP server DNS servers phpMyAdmin Email client with Rainloop FileManager PHP Management Firewall One click backup and restore Email restrictions SpamAssassin Install CyberPanel CyberPanel requires the following […]

How to Install Vesta Control Panel on Linux

Vesta Control Panel is an application for Linux-based hosting control panel. Vesta Control Panel is a free software application with a GNU GPL v3 license, supports RedHat/CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu Linux distributions. Minimum hardware required is 512MB RAM, 20GB Storage, and 1GHz CPU. The main features of Vesta Control Panel are free, the paid ones are plugins such as Web […]

Pontianak Linux Course

MusaAmin.Web.ID opens Linux System Administrator Course with the target participants of prospective Linux Sysadmins or Web Developers who want to learn to deploy PHP-based web applications on Linux VPS (Ubuntu Server LTS). Class Building a Web Server on a Linux VPS Theory How to Access VPS Time Zone Setting Connecting Domain with VPS File Transfer to VPS LAMP Web Server […]

Pontianak Linux System Administrator Services

MusaAmin.Web.ID serves services Linux System Administrator offline for the city area Pontianak and surrounding. Installation and configuration services: Linux server distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS) Apache/Nginx web server MySQL/MariaDB Database PHP & Composer Python framework Flask/Django SSL Certificate Mail Hosting Automatic Backup Web application migration from Shared Hosting to VPS/Dedicated Server VestaCP/CyberPanel/CentOS Web Panel hosting control panel Contact E-mail: [email protected] Telegram: […]

How to Install CentOS Web Panel (CWP) on CentOS 7

CentOS Web Panel (CWP) is a control panel application for web hosting or web hosting that uses the CentOS Linux distribution. By using the CentOS Web Panel, a sysadmin no longer has to configure via a remote SSH shell. CentOS Web Panel Features including support for Apache, PHP, User Management, DNS, Email, Security, MySQL, and System Management. CentOS Web Panel […]

How to Install Lighttpd on CentOS 7

lighttpd (pronounced “lighty”) is a web server application that is optimized for speed of access or efficient use of resources. Lighttpd was originally developed by Jan Kneschke as a proof-of-concept of the c10k problem, how a web server can handle 10,000 parallel connections on a single server. Install Lighttpd Activate the EPEL repository yum -y install epel-release 1 yum –y […]