How to Create a VPS on OpenStack [Bagian 2]

Continued How to Create a VPS on OpenStack [Bagian 1] Adding Floating IP Floating IP is used for remote instances from external networks. Click menu Network->Floating IPs. Click button Allocate IP To Project. On Pool select an available external network, in this tutorial extnet. Then click Allocate IP. List of floating IPs that are already available. Setting Rules in Security […]

How to Create a VPS on OpenStack [Bagian 1]

OpenStacks at a glance OpenStack is a free/open source software platform for cloud computing, providing infrastructure services (infrastructure as a service/iaas) by creating virtual machines on top of OpenStack. In 2010, OpenStack was originally a project of RackSpace and NASA. Then in 2016 OpenStack was under the auspices of the OpenStack Foundation which consists of more than 500 companies. OpenStack […]

How to Create a VPS on Vultr

Vultr is a cloud infrastructure provider company or VPS (Virtual Private Server). Vultr was first launched in February 2014, opening its first datacenter in Sydney, Australia in April 2014. As of November 2017, 10 million instances have been deployed. The VPS service on Vultr is called Virtual Cloud Compute (VC2). The lowest specification is 1CPU RAM 512MB SSD 20GB at […]

How to Install PHP 7.1/7.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

In the official Ubuntu 16.04 repository, the PHP version available is PHP 7.0. In some cases we want to replace it or upgrade with PHP 7.1/7.2 because the PHP application being developed requires that version. For example in the framework Laravel 5.6 minimum use PHP 7.1.3. If you have previously installed PHP 7.0, remove it first. sudo apt-get remove php […]

VPS Install Service

Linux VPS is a Virtual Private Server with a Linux-based operating system (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu). MusaAmin.Web.ID provides server application installation and configuration services for Linux VPS. The available packages are: LAMP SERVER PACKAGE Apache MariaDB PHP SSL Let’s Encrypt Automatic Backup Cost: IDR 500,000,- LEMP SERVER PACKAGE (POPULAR) Nginx MariaDB PHP SSL Let’s Encrypt Automatic Backup Cost: IDR 500,000,- FLSK/DJANGO […]

Linux System Administrator Course

MusaAmin.Web.ID opens Linux System Administrator Course with the target participants of prospective Linux Sysadmins or Web Developers who want to learn to deploy PHP-based web applications on Linux VPS (Ubuntu Server LTS). Class Building a Web Server on a Linux VPS Theory How to Access VPS Time Zone Setting Connecting Domain with VPS File Transfer to VPS LAMP Web Server […]

Flip Review: Free Bank Transfer Fee Biaya

Since 2017 Indonesia has begun to be busy with startups in the field of financial technology (fintech/financial technology). Previously, GO-JEK, which was a transportation and courier technology, adopted fintech with its GO-PAY product. I myself have also started using fintech products, namely: Flip which serves as an intermediary for interbank transfers at no cost. Flip Start Flip started with the […]

How to Automatically Backup MySQL/MariaDB on Linux

The data or content of the application is stored in the database, therefore it is very important to perform regular backups. Backups on Linux can be done automatically at certain times. Well, in this tutorial I will discuss how to automatically backup MySQL/MariaDB databases on Linux. Making Bash Script Backup Create a backup folder sudo su mkdir -p /root/backup/db 1 […]